For UG admissions, the government suggested holding a Common University Entrance Test (CUET), which could be a game-changer for higher education in India. Only CUET 2024 results will be accepted by 44+ central universities and more than 250 universities overall for UG admission to a variety of courses. The complete list of CUET universities and CUET colleges that will be taking part in CUET 2024 is provided in this article. Examine all of the participating universities and colleges on the CUET college list to help you make an educated choice about your future education.

The complete list of CUET colleges and universities that will accept CUET scores for UG admission is provided by the CUET colleges list and participating universities. In order to achieve the highest possible score, prospective students are encouraged to review the CUET university list and start preparing appropriately in the exam and gain acceptance into prestigious universities such as DU, BHU, JNU, JMI, etc. Aspirants will have a fair and equal chance to be admitted to the best CUET colleges thanks to CUET.

Read this article through to the end to find out the full list of CUET universities for 2024. View the table below, which includes a tabulation of all the universities that are participating in CUET 2024.

List of Colleges under Delhi University for B. EL. ED Programme

Each of the participating colleges under Delhi university in CUET for B. EL. ED course has been tabulated in the table below.

Bachelor of Elementary Education B. El. Ed


Colleges under Delhi University

Total seats (*)


Aditi Mahavidyalaya (W)



Gargi College (W)



Institute of Home Economics (W)



Jesus & Mary College (W)



Lady Shri Ram College (W)



Mata Sundri College (W)



Miranda House (W)



Shyama Prasad Mukherji (W)



CUET 2024 will build on the success of its earlier iterations and push it to new heights. The importance of the CUET has grown even more with the expectation that the college list and participating universities will number more than 250 in CUET 2024 (including more than 44 central universities and numerous State, Private, and Deemed universities). Students must therefore be aware of the complete list of CUET universities and begin their thorough preparation right away.

A comprehensive approach would entail studying for both your Boards and CUET 2024 at the same time. Here, students need to be aware that their class 12 grades will count for just as much for UG admission since they will determine the DU tiebreaker (i.e., students who choose the same college but have identical CUET scores). Many other universities are also expected to follow the same.


Examine all pertinent information regarding CUET 2024, including the entire list of CUET universities, and start putting together a thorough study schedule in order to ace the exam. Explore the programs we offer below for a more comprehensive preparation schedule.

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