First Border Haat Inaugurated at Bholaganj In Sylhet Division Between India and Bangladesh

On 6th April 2023, the first border haat, a shared marketplace, was inaugurated at Bholaganj in the Sylhet division on the India-Bangladesh border. The inauguration was done by the Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Imran Ahmad and Indian High Commissioner in Sylhet Niraj Kumar Jaiswal. The border haat aims to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries and offer a platform for locals to sell their products. A buyer and seller need to pay a nominal entry fee for participating in the haat’s operations. Currently, 13 border haats are operational between the two nations, and plans for more are underway.

Important Points:

  1. A border haat is a shared marketplace on international borders.
  2. The first border haat at Bholaganj was inaugurated by Minister Imran Ahmad and Commissioner Niraj Kumar Jaiswal.
  3. The haat aims to enhance bilateral ties and also prevent smuggling.
  4. Both buyers and sellers need to pay an entry fee for operating in this shared marketplace.
  5. The haat allows people from either side to exchange locally produced goods.