Global Terrorism Index – India ranked 13th also topped by Afghanistan

The tenth Global Terrorism Index (GTI) listed Afghanistan as the most terror-impacted country for the fourth year in a row. However, attacks and fatalities there plummeted by 75% and 58%, respectively. India ranked 13th, marking a minor reduction from earlier years but remained among the 25 worst-affected countries. Yet, respondents from India refrained from identifying war and terrorism as major safety concerns in daily life. The GTI is a yearly rating of 163 countries by the Institute for Economics and Peace, based on data regarding terror incidents, fatalities, injuries and property damages. The Communist Party of India (Maoist) was listed as the 12th deadliest terror group in 2022. Pakistan saw increases in terror-related deaths by 120%, making it the sixth worst-affected country as per the GTI. The top 5 were Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Somalia, Mali and Syria.


  1. The Global Terrorism Index is an essential tool, highlighting the impact of terrorism globally.
  2. The Index is based on the number of terror incidents, fatalities, injuries and property damages observed each year.
  3. Afghanistan is the most terror-impacted country, followed by Burkina Faso, Somalia, Mali, and Syria.
  4. India and Pakistan are also heavily impacted, ranking 13th and 6th respectively.
  5. South Asia, including Afghanistan and Pakistan, remains the region with the worst GTI score.