Hiroshima Day 2023

Hiroshima Day is commemorated on 6th August each year, marking the day an atomic bomb was dropped by the United States on the Japanese city of Hiroshima in 1945. This event resulted in estimated 140,000 deaths by the close of the year, either directly due to the blast or subsequently from radiation effects. Hiroshima Day highlights the immense devastating potential of nuclear weapons and confronts humanity's unchecked aggression leading to such atrocity. Over the decades, Hiroshima has bounced back, proving itself a symbol of peace, reconciliation, and hope. Hiroshima Day thus significantly emphasizes the message of global nuclear disarmament, encouraging understanding, reconciliation, and a peaceful future.


  1. Hiroshima Day is observed on 6th August each year, in memory of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima city in Japan in 1945.
  2. The atomic bomb, referred as 'Little Boy', resulted in the deaths of approximately 140,000 people directly or due to post-bombing radiation effects.
  3. Hiroshima Day serves as a reminder of the immense destructive potential of nuclear weapons.
  4. Hiroshima city, once destroyed, has transformed into a symbol of peace, reconciliation, and hope.
  5. Hiroshima Day reiterates the importance and urgency of nuclear disarmament.