Imoinu Eratpa Festival Celebrated in Manipur

Imoinu Day is a traditional festival celebrated annually on the 12th day of the Meitei Lunar Month of Wakching in Manipur. The festival is part of the Meitei cultural ritual and honors Imoinu Eratpa, a deity associated with health, prosperity, and order of domesticity in Manipur. As part of the celebration, people serve dishes in odd numbers, light their houses, and offer seasonal fruits, vegetables, and fish as symbols of prosperity and as gestures to invoke the blessings of Goddess Imoinu. The Manipuri government, including the Chief Minister N.Biren Singh, extended warm greetings to the people on this festival's occasion.


  1. Imoinu Day is a traditional Meitei cultural festival celebrated annually in Manipur.
  2. The festival is celebrated on the 12th day of the Meitei Lunar Month of Wakching.
  3. Imoinu Eratpa is a goddess associated with health, prosperity, abundance, and domesticity in Manipur.
  4. As a part of the celebration, the people offer odd numbered food servings and light their homes to welcome prosperity.
  5. The Chief Minister and other ministers extended their greetings on this occasion.

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