Inacio Lula da Silva Sworn became the President of Brazil for the 3rd Time

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva took oath for a third term as Brazil’s president, promising to fight for the poor, environment, and rebuild Brazil from the effects of the previous administration run by Jair Bolsonaro. This marks a significant comeback for Lula, who, less than five years ago, was imprisoned on controversial corruption charges that were eventually dropped. In an unprecedented move since the end of Brazil’s military dictatorship (1965-1985), he didn't receive the presidential sash from his predecessor. Lula's agenda includes economic growth, protection of the Amazon rainforest, poverty, and inequality eradication. However, markets wonder how he'll fund his ambitious social spending with Brazil’s strained government finances.


  1. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has assumed office as Brazil's president for the third time.
  2. Throughout his term, he pledges to tackle poverty, environmental issues, and rebuild Brazil.
  3. Lula did not receive the presidential sash from his predecessor, a first since the end of Brazil's military dictatorship.
  4. His challenges include reviving the economy, conserving the Amazon rainforest, and implementing an agenda to combat poverty and inequality.
  5. There are concerns about how he will finance his ambitious social plans amidst fears of an overstretched budget.

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