India and the US collaborated in Operation Broader Sword

India and the US collaborated in Operation Broader Sword to prevent illegal drug shipments through the International Mail System (IMS) in June 2023. The operation saw the interception of 500 shipments of illicit and unapproved prescription drugs bound for the US. Multiple agencies including India’s Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and various US departments such as FDA, CBP, HSI, and DEA participated in the operation. Over 1500 shipments from India were examined, leading to action on approximately 500 products, including opioids and other controlled substances. The operation resulted in the arrest of an Indian national involved in the illegal importation of illicit pharmaceuticals to the United States.

Important Points to remember:

  1. Understand the importance of international cooperation in controlling illegal activities.
  2. Learn about the role and responsibilities of different law enforcement and regulatory agencies of India and US.
  3. Be aware of the consequences of illegal smuggling and trading of pharmaceutical products.
  4. Analyze the impact of successful operations such as the Broader Sword in curbing the illegal drug trade.