India, France, UAE Establish Trilateral Cooperation Initiative 

India, France, and the United Arab Emirates have launched a trilateral cooperation initiative for projects in solar and nuclear energy, climate change combat, and joint military hardware production. The initiative will also serve as a platform for development agency cooperation within the three countries, in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. Defence is seen as a key area for cooperative action, with emphasis on compatibility and joint development between the armed forces. The establishment of this initiative grew out of a meeting between the foreign ministers of the three countries at the UN General Assembly in 2022. The initiative will specifically focus on the Indian Ocean region, especially regarding energy projects, climate change efforts, and biodiversity protection. The cooperation is expected to be manifested during India's G20 Presidency and the UAE's hosting of COP-28 in 2023. Other areas of focus include dealing with plastic pollution, desertification, and promoting food security, especially in the context of the International Year of Millets-2023.

Important points to remember:

  1. Trilateral cooperation was established between India, France, and UAE in fields like energy, defence, and economy.
  2. This initiative will serve as a cooperation platform for sustainable projects between the three countries' development agencies.
  3. Defence, particularly in the areas of compatibility and joint development, is one of the main focal points of cooperation.
  4. The agreement to establish this initiative was based on a meeting between the foreign ministers of the three countries in 2022.
  5. An important focus is on the Indian Ocean region, with emphasis on energy projects and biodiversity protection.
  6. This cooperation will influence India's presidency of the G20 and the UAE hosting COP-28.
  7. The initiative also seeks to tackle other issues such as plastic pollution, desertification, and food security.