Indian Navy and US Navy Conduct Seventh Edition of SALVEX Exercise in Kochi

The Indian Navy and the US Navy concluded the seventh edition of the Salvage and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) exercise, known as SALVEX, from June 26-July 6, 2023 in Kochi. The exercise has been a regular event since 2005 and works to improve salvage and EOD operations between the two navies. The participating ships were the INS Nireekshak from the Indian Navy and the USNS Salvor from the US Navy. Specialist Diving and EOD teams from both navies took part in the exercise. The primary objective was to enhance the interoperability between the two navies. It also served as an opportunity for the participants to share best practices and enhance their capabilities in dealing with salvage and EOD challenges. Lastly, it lists other bilateral and trilateral exercises conducted between India and the US such as the Malabar Exercise, Yudh Abhyas, Cope India, Vajra Prahar, Red Flag, Exercise Shatrujeet, and Exercise Yudh Abhyas.

Important Points to remember:

  1. The IN – USN joint exercise, SALVEX, focuses on improving salvage and EOD operations between the two navies.
  2. SALVEX is a recurring event that started in 2005 and its 7th edition was held in 2023.
  3. INS Nireekshak (Indian Navy) and USNS Salvor (US Navy) participated in the 7th edition of SALVEX.
  4. Not only does the joint exercise improve interoperability between the two navies but it also provides an opportunity to share best practices and boost the capabilities in salvage and EOD challenge handling.
  5. Remember the names of other exercises between India and the US, their goals, and participating arm forces.