Indian Navy conducts “AMPHEX 2023” mega exercise in Andhra

The Indian Navy undertook a six-day-long mega military exercise, “AMPHEX 2023”, in collaboration with the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force in Andhra Pradesh specifically near Kakinada. This large-scale biennial tri-service amphibious exercise happened from 17th to 22nd January and included numerous troops from the Indian Army, amphibious warships from the Indian Navy, and aircraft from the Indian Air Force. This exercise tested the readiness of the Indian Armed forces during times of war, national disasters, and enforcement of coastal security. This was particularly significant due to China's intensifying military presence in the Indian Ocean.


  1. The exercise, AMPHEX 2023, was aimed at reviewing the readiness of the Indian Armed Forces.
  2. The exercise occurred amidst increasing military pressure from China in the Indian Ocean.
  3. The Indian Navy, along with the Army and Air Force, participated in the exercise.
  4. The Indian Navy operates significantly within the Persian Gulf Region, the Horn of Africa, and the Strait of Malacca.
  5. The Indian Navy routinely conducts anti-piracy operations and partners with other navies.
  6. The Chief of the Naval Staff is Admiral R Hari Kumar.
  7. The Indian Navy was founded on 26th January 1950 with headquarters in New Delhi.

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