Japanese PM Kishida invites PM Modi to G7 Hiroshima summit

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida formally extended an invitation to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to partake in the G7 summit during delegation-level talks at Delhi's Hyderabad House. PM Modi envisions the meeting as key to the maintenance of a mutual cooperation between Japan and India while highlighting the importance of presiding over the G7 and G20 summits. Emphasizing the India-Japan Special Strategic and Global Partnership based on the countries' shared democratic values and observance of international rule of law, PM Modi perceives a fortification of this partnership as essential in preserving peace in the Indo-Pacific region. The dialogue explored key aspects of bilateral partnerships, defense, business, and digital relationships. The past investments of ¥3.20 lakh crore by Japan in India resulted in significant growth. PM Kishida proclaimed his intention to announce a new plan for the Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) at a lecture event at the Indian Council for World Affairs (ICWA).


  1. Japanese PM Fumio Kishida invited Indian PM Narendra Modi to the G7 summit.
  2. PM Modi emphasizes the importance of strengthening India-Japan cooperation and partnerships.
  3. The collaboration extends to areas such as defence, business, and digital partnerships.
  4. Japan has previously invested a significant amount in India, resulting in notable growth.
  5. PM Kishida is poised to announce a new plan for the Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) at the Indian Council for World Affairs (ICWA).