Madhya Pradesh To Provide 35% Reservation For Women In Govt. Jobs

The government of Madhya Pradesh, in a bid to promote gender equality and women's empowerment, has announced the reservation of 35% of all state government job positions for women. This policy excludes the Forest Department. As an amendment to the Madhya Pradesh Civil Services (Special Provision for Appointment of Women) Rules, 1997, it introduces the practice of both "horizontal" and "compartment-wise" reservations. The former aims at offering equal opportunities to various beneficiaries across different segments of government job positions. The latter provides the breakdown of the 35% reservation across various departments separately. Additionally, 50% of teaching positions will be reserved for women. The new policy, launched just before the state assembly elections, is an important step towards gender equality in employment in India.


  1. Understand the concept of "horizontal" and "compartment-wise" reservations in government vacancies.
  2. Note the exception of the Forest Department in this 35% reservation policy.
  3. Be aware of the measure's impact in promoting equal opportunity and diversity in employment.
  4. Recognize this policy as a significant development in women's empowerment in India.