Make My Trip And Ministry Of Tourism To Launch Traveller’s Map of India Microsite

MakeMyTrip, a renowned travel company, is partnering with the Ministry of Tourism to launch the 'Traveller's Map of India' microsite. The initiative aims to present users with over 600 unusual and unique travel destinations across India. The digital platform allows travelers to interactively identify their preferred destinations, boosting domestic tourism. The microsite is part of the Ministry of Tourism's 'DekhoApnaDesh' initiative designed to bolster travel experiences and promote tourism country-wide. The curated locations are classified under various categories like adventure, wildlife, heritage, mountains, and beaches, making it easy for travelers to find destinations according to their interests.


  1. MakeMyTrip collaborates with the Ministry of Tourism to launch a microsite named 'Traveller’s Map of India.'
  2. The microsite features more than 600 unique and unconventional travel destinations within India.
  3. The digitized platform is designed for interactive engagement with users.
  4. The microsite is a part of the Government's 'DekhoApnaDesh' initiative.
  5. Various travel locations have been categorized under distinct themes.
  6. Rajesh Magow is the Co-Founder and Group CEO of MakeMyTrip.
  7. 'Dekho Apna Desh' initiative aims to boost domestic tourism and improve tourism-related infrastructure.