Mohammad Shahabuddin elected as 22nd President of Bangladesh-

Mohammad Shahabuddin Chuppu, a retired judge, liberation fighter and a senior member of the Awami League Advisory Council, has been elected as the 22nd President of Bangladesh. Following his retirement as a district and sessions judge, Chuppu took up the role as a commissioner in the independent Anti-Corruption Commission. He will replace President Mohammad Abdul Hamid, who finishes his term on April 23 and cannot pursue a third term. Born in Pabna district, Chuppu was part of the Awami League’s student and youth wings and also participated in the 1971 Liberation War. He was imprisoned following his protest against the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Important points to remember:

  1. Mohammad Shahabuddin Chuppu is the elected 22nd President of Bangladesh.
  2. Prior to his presidency, he served as a district and sessions judge and commissioner for the independent Anti-Corruption Commission.
  3. He will replace Mohammad Abdul Hamid, whose tenure ends on April 23.
  4. Chuppu participated in the 1971 Liberation War.
  5. He also served as coordinator of the Bangabandhu murder trial.
  6. Relevant facts about Bangladesh: The Prime Minister of Bangladesh is Sheikh Hasina, the capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka, and the currency of Bangladesh is Bangladeshi Taka.