The National Mission on Libraries (NML) is a Ministry of Culture initiative by the Government of India aiming to modernize nearly 9,000 libraries across the country. The goal is to provide readers easy access to a wide range of books and info. The project is projected to cost around 1,000 crores and it aims to serve a diverse audience. The vision for NAPLIS was laid down in 1985, and it seeks to foster and promote the use of information. The NML further works to create accessible libraries with special facilities for the differently-abled and children. Separate initiatives under NML include the setting up of NML Model Library and the National Virtual Library of India (NVLI). The Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF) aids the NML by providing financial assistance and supporting various initiatives.


  1. Understand the purpose and aims of the National Mission on Libraries (NML)
  2. Note the people who the NML intends to cater to
  3. Familiarize yourself with NAPLIS and its vision
  4. Make note of the initiatives under the NML
  5. Understand the role of Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF)