National Sickle Cell Anaemia Elimination Mission

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Sickle Cell Anemia Eradication Mission (NSCAEM) 2047 in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh, aiming to address sickle cell disease, especially among the tribal population in India. NSCAEM takes a multi-faceted approach for early identification and treatment of the disease, aiming to screen nearly 7.0 crore individuals under 40 years. PM Modi also initiated the distribution of 3 crore digital Ayushman and 1 crore PVC Ayushman Bharat cards in Madhya Pradesh, which will provide the beneficiaries access to health insurance cover of ₹5 lakh. The mission, with its comprehensive disease management guidelines, aims to eradicate sickle cell anemia by 2047.

Important Points to remember:

  1. The launch of the National Sickle Cell Anemia Eradication Mission (NSCAEM) 2047 took place in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh.
  2. The mission aims to combat sickle cell disease especially among the Indian tribal population.
  3. NSCAEM combines screening, awareness, detection and education approach for disease management.
  4. The distribution of Ayushman cards is undertaken for providing insurance to beneficiaries.
  5. Sickle cell disease is a hereditary blood disorder affecting the red blood cells.
  6. The mission envisages eradicating sickle cell anemia from India by 2047.