Number Of Elephants Goes Up By 346 From Last Count, Touches 6,395 In Karnataka

In 2023, a report on Asian Elephant population and demography revealed that the state of Karnataka saw an increase of 346 elephants from the previous census taken in 2017, raising the count to 6,395. This increase makes Karnataka the state with the highest elephant population in India. This census was conducted from May 17 to 19 and involved the collaboration of several neighboring states. The numbers fluctuated over several years, with a cumulative rise of 655 elephants since 2010. The census also highlighted the differences in elephant densities across various reserves and sanctuaries.


  1. Karnataka holds the highest elephant population in India.
  2. The census was conducted in collaboration with neighboring states.
  3. Elephant populations have fluctuated, experiencing a cumulative rise of 655 since 2010.
  4. The census provided insight into elephant distributions and densities across various reserves.
  5. The report was orchestrated by Prof. R. Sukumar from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.
  6. Eshwar Khandre is Karnataka’s Minister for Forests, Ecology, and Environment.