PM Gati Shakti

The Indian government is preparing to engage social sector ministries with the National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP) platform to bolster socio-economic growth. PM Gati Shakti, an integrated infrastructure connectivity digital platform, seeks to consolidate planning and execution of projects from 16 ministries, remedying issues such as disjointed planning and ineffective utilisation of infrastructural capacities. The platform enables accessibility to over 200 geospatial data layers for easier project progress tracking. The initiative encompasses the 2019 National Infrastructure Pipeline and seeks to integrate multiple infrastructure schemes under various departments, thereby ensuring cross-sectoral project prioritisation and efficiency. The platform targets infrastructure milestones for 2024-25, including development of industrial and defence corridors, increased cargo handling, 4G connectivity expansion, and additional gas pipelines. The Gati Shakti project follows six foundational principles: centralisation, prioritisation, optimisation, coordination, analysis, and real-time monitoring. The scheme's necessity arises from issues of non-coordination, high logistics costs, and the aim to stimulate infrastructural growth and economic activities. It aligns with the NMP and boosts the 'Make in India' campaign.

Important Points:

  1. PM Gati Shakti is aimed at resolving issues such as disjointed planning, lack of standardisation, clearance problems, and timely creation and utilisation of infrastructure capacities.
  2. Gati Shakti includes the National Infrastructure Pipeline which was launched in 2019 and incorporates multiple infrastructure schemes from various ministries and state governments.
  3. The initiative has set targets for infrastructure ministries to achieve by 2024-25 such as the development of industrial corridors, increase in cargo handling, and extension of 4G connectivity to all villages.
  4. The Gati Shakti platform is underpinned by six principles: centralisation, prioritisation, optimisation, coordination, analysis, and real-time monitoring.
  5. The platform aligns with the National Monetisation Pipeline and supports the 'Make in India' initiative.