Rajasthan govt launched ‘iStart Talent Connect Portal’

The Rajasthan government has launched the 'iStart Talent Connect Portal' in conjunction with Jaipur-based startup, HyreFox. This portal serves as a user-friendly platform for both job seekers and job providers, enabling efficient talent discovery and connectivity. It is part of the state's comprehensive iStart initiative established in 2017 to bolster the regional startup ecosystem. The initiative provides opportunities like incubations centers, mentorship programs, and networking events to startups while attracting global investor interest. Since inception, iStart has created over 29,000 jobs, and Rajasthan-based startups have collectively raised over $307 million.


  1. The 'iStart Talent Connect Portal' is an initiative by the Rajasthan government to strengthen its job market and startup ecosystem.
  2. The portal has been developed in collaboration with HyreFox, a Jaipur-based startup.
  3. The user-friendly platform caters to both job seekers and job providers.
  4. The iStart initiative was launched in 2017 to encourage the growth of startups in Rajasthan.
  5. The program has created more than 29,000 jobs since its launch.
  6. Rajasthan-based startups have collectively acquired over $307 million in investment since 2014.