Shubhayatra scheme

Shubhayatra, a pioneering scheme launched by the Government of Kerala, aims to provide financial assistance to first-time overseas emigrants from the state. Beneficiaries will receive a financial aid of up to ₹2 lakh, a six-month tax holiday, and helpful interest rate reductions. The scheme aims to cover the incidental costs associated with overseas employment through a soft loan named "foreign employability skilling assistant," the sum of which will correlate to the recipient's overseas salary. In collaboration with nationalized and scheduled banks, the state government will offer these loans. Furthermore, a tax break and financial support for interest subvention will be provided by the state. A grace period of up to three years for loan repayment is stipulated, allowing emigrants to better integrate into their new environment without immediate financial stress.


  1. Shubhayatra scheme is a novel initiative of the Kerala government aimed at providing financial support to aspiring overseas emigrants from Kerala.
  2. The scheme offers a financial aid of up to ₹2 lakh, a six-month tax holiday, and useful interest subventions.
  3. The 'foreign employability skilling assistant' soft loan, provided by national and scheduled banks, will cover preparatory migration costs.
  4. Beneficiaries of the scheme are given up to three years to repay their loans, providing them with financial flexibility in their initial years abroad.
  5. The scheme, which has been allotted ₹2 crore in the current financial year, is expected to boost the quality of migration from Kerala and aid in the state's economic development.