TIME'S list of World’s Greatest Places of 2023

The TIME Magazine's list of World’s Greatest Places of 2023 features 50 locations which offer interesting and unique experiences, now that the travel industry has resumed operations post-pandemic. Two Indian locations, Mayurbhanj in Odisha and the Union Territory of Ladakh, have been included for their endangered tigers, historic temples, adventure tourism, and local cuisine, among other attractions. The list has been compiled taking into consideration suggestions from journalists and contributors globally. Factors such as sustainability and authenticity in travel have been emphasized, with many locations implementing methods for tourists to have lower environmental impact.


  1. TIME Magazine's World’s Greatest Places of 2023 include Mayurbhanj, Odisha and the Union Territory of Ladakh from India, highlighting their unique aspects such as wildlife, history, adventure, and cuisine.
  2. The resurgence of travel in 2023 noted a shift in preferences towards sustainable tourism and authentic experiences.
  3. TIME Magazine put consideration into suggestions by global journalists and contributors in curating this list.
  4. Many places on the list are adopting ways to provide sustainable tourism in order to lessen the environmental impact.
  5. The list accentuates a rise in demand for regional encounters with the involvement of native-led tours

and homestays.