UN General Assembly adopts Indian Co-sponsored Resolution on ‘Education For Democracy’

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has recently adopted an education resolution called ‘Education for Democracy’. The resolution, which India co-sponsored, reaffirms the right of everyone to education and asserts that education for all strengthens democracy. The resolution advises member states to incorporate education for democracy into their education standards. This development follows a similar one from 2015, where a resolution geared towards using education to promote peace, human rights, and democracy was also adopted.


  1. The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a new education resolution, called ‘Education for Democracy’, co-sponsored by India.
  2. The resolution reinstates everyone's right to education and suggests democratic strengthening through education.
  3. The resolution encourages states to integrate democracy education in their education standards.
  4. In 2015, a similar resolution, promoting peace, human rights, and democracy through education, was previously adopted by the UNGA.

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