Vivad se Vishwas 2.0 scheme

The Department of Expenditure under the Ministry of Finance launched the Vivad se Vishwas 2.0 scheme, also known as Contractual Disputes scheme, for settling contractual disputes involving the government and government undertakings. The scheme was introduced during the Union Budget 2023-24 by Union Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman. Its primary goal is the voluntary settlement of disputes where arbitral awards are contested. The scheme also aims to reduce pressure on the legal system and foster a more business-friendly environment by offering attractive settlement sums for contractors. Digitization initiatives such as GeM and IREPS promise transparency and efficiency through this process.


  1. The Vivad se Vishwas 2.0 scheme aims to resolve contractual disputes involving government entities.
  2. A primary feature of the scheme is the voluntary settlement of disputes.
  3. The scheme hopes to reduce the workload of courts and encourage a business-friendly environment.
  4. Contractors stand to benefit from attractive settlement amounts under this initiative.
  5. The introduction of digital platforms enhances transparency and efficiency in this process.