What is the Digital India Act 2023?

The Digital India Act 2023 is a comprehensive leap aimed to further streamline the growing digital landscape in India. This productive initiative is administered by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) with intentions to guide India towards a robust digital future. The act aims at consolidating digital laws in India in congruence with other significant legislations like the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, National Data Governance Policy and amendments in Indian Penal Code for cybercrime. The key objectives of this act include establishing adaptable rules for evolving technology, delivering an easily accessible adjudicatory mechanism for online offences, and setting a legislative framework that ensures compliance with governing principles. DIA 2023 stands to upgrade the obsolete IT Act of 2000, focusing on online safety, trust, and accountability, while also enforcing stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols for retail wearable devices. The main components of DIA 2023 include promoting an open internet, focusing on online safety and trust, and introducing accountability mechanisms for internet users. Despite its potential benefits, the execution of DIA 2023 poses certain challenges, including its feasibility for small businesses, concerns over freedom of expression, enforcement resources, and possible privacy rights issues.


  1. Understand the objectives and salient features of the Digital India Act 2023.
  2. Study the laws that will work alongside DIA for a cohesive digital framework.
  3. Explore how DIA 2023 aims to replace the Information Technology Act 2000.
  4. Research on the key components of DIA 2023, which include open internet, online safety and trust, and accountability.
  5. Examine the challenges in implementing the Digital India Act 2023.