Psychology Syllabus for CUET 2024 | How to prepare

Psychology for CUET 2024: Over 100 universities are taking part in the Common University Entrance Test, which will be administered by the NTA. The CUET psychology syllabus has been made available on the NTA's official website. It is recommended that all aspiring candidates familiarize themselves with the detailed syllabus. Most of the universities taking part in the CUET offer psychology as one of the 27 domain-specific subjects in section II, which is offered as a UG course. Students who want to be admitted to UG programs must take the CUET exam. Seat allocation in various courses across all participating universities/colleges will take into account the CUET scorecard.

The NTA will administer the CUET, a central exam, and the competition level that is anticipated is very high. Thus, there won't be a simple path to follow. It will take careful planning, appropriate oversight, and direction to guide you through this Prometheus voyage. Before beginning to prepare psychology for the CUET, there are a few key concepts that all students need to be aware of. We'll cover a number of significant topics in this post, including the CUET psychology syllabus, exam trends, in-depth exam details, and some preparation advice and techniques. It is important that you carefully review these details as they are meant to help you sail smoothly.

Let's start by going over some important CUET information. Even though they are basic, they are useful to have a comprehensive understanding of the test.

Few important details about CUET:

  • CUET will be a gateway to 100+ Universities, for UG admissions.
  • For the first time since its inception, in CUET the medium of instruction will be available in multiple (13 different) languages.
  • NTA has officially announced that the psychology syllabus for CUET will include only the NCERT syllabus from class 12th standard.

Now let us discuss the psychology syllabus for CUET in detail.


Overview of Psychology Syllabus for CUET 2024

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its behaviour. It includes the study of both, the conscious and unconscious minds. The subject is very interesting and exciting as well and has drawn the attention of many students. The psychology syllabus for CUET is covered by 9 different units, all the units are equally important and are interconnected. It is crucial that you go through it very carefully so that you don't miss out on anything. The psychology syllabus for CUET consists of several topics such as Self and Personality, Meeting Life Challenges, Psychological Disorders, Attitude, and Social Cognition, Psychology and Life and so on. The detailed syllabus is given in the table below.

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Psychology Class 12TH

Chapter 1: Variations in Psychological Attributes

Chapter 2: Self and Personality

Chapter 3: Meeting Life Challenges

Chapter 4:  Psychological Disorders

Chapter 5:  Therapeutic Approaches

Chapter 6:  Attitude and Social Cognition

Chapter 7:  Social Influence and Group Processes

Chapter and Sub- topics of Psychology Domains


Chapter Name


Chapter 1 Variations in Psychological Attributes

The unit aims at studying how people differ with respect to their various psychological attributes. Individual differences in human functioning; Assessment of psychological attributes; Intelligence: Individual differences in intelligence; Theories of intelligence; Culture and intelligence; Special abilities: Aptitude — nature, and measurement; Creativity; Emotional intelligence.

Chapter 2 Self and Personality

This unit focuses on the study of self and personality in the context of different approaches in an effort to appraise the person. The assessment of personality will also be discussed. self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-regulation; Culture and self; Concept of personality; Major approaches — Type and Trait, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Behavioural, Cultural; Assessment of personality: Self report measures, behavioural analysis, and projective measures.

Chapter 3 Meeting Life Challenges

This unit deals with the nature of stress and how responses to stress depend on an individual’s appraisal of stressors. Strategies to cope with stress will also be dealt with. Nature, types and sources of stress; Effects on psychological functioning and health; Coping with stress; Promoting positive health and well-being.

Chapter 4 Psychological Disorders

This unit discusses the concepts of normality and abnormality and the major psychological disorders. Concepts of abnormality and psychological disorders; Classification of disorders; Factor underlying abnormal behaviour; Major psychological disorders – Anxiety, Somatic, Dissociative, Mood, Schizophrenic, Developmental and Behavioural-Substance use related.

Chapter 5 Therapeutic Approaches

The unit discusses the goals, techniques, and effectiveness of different approaches to treating psychological disorders. Nature and process of therapy: Therapeutic relationship; Types of therapies: Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive, Behaviour and Bio-medical; Alternative therapies — Yoga, Meditation; Rehabilitation of mentally ill.

Chapter 6 Attitude and Social Cognition

This unit focuses on the formation and change of attitudes, cultural influences on attributional tendencies, and conditions influencing pro-social behaviour. Explaining social behaviour: Impression formation and explaining behaviour of others through attributions; Social cognition; Schemas and stereotypes; Nature and components of attitudes; Attitude formation and change; Behaviour in the presence of others; Pro-social behaviour; Prejudice and discrimination; Strategies for handling prejudice.

Chapter 7 Social Influence and Group Processes

The unit deals with the concept of the group, its functions, and the dynamics of social influence on conformity, obedience, and compliance. Different conflict resolution strategies will also be discussed. Conformity, Obedience, and Compliance; Cooperation and Competition; Nature and formation of groups; Types of groups; Social identity; Influence of the group on individual behaviour; Intergroup conflicts; Conflict resolution strategies


Merely comprehending the Psychology curriculum for the CUET 2024 will not be adequate; in fact, it is merely an introduction. Students are encouraged to think carefully about and create a practical plan for how to prepare for the psychology CUET after carefully reading and analyzing the syllabus. Before you begin your preparations, make sure you are aware of the following important information regarding the CUET Psychology exam pattern. You can use these details to help you create your plan.

  • The NTA has formally declared that the CUET psychology syllabus will solely comprise the NCERT syllabus beginning with the 12th grade.
  • There will be a single question paper with 50 questions total, 40 of which must be answered.
  • The maximum score is 200, and each incorrect response will result in the loss of one mark.
  • The test will consist of 45 minutes and objective multiple-choice questions.


How to prepare Psychology for CUET 2024 :

Given that CUET will be a centralized and common exam, there will be intense competition. A proper, regimented, and disciplined approach is necessary to ensure your admission to a prestigious college or university. Instead of wasting more time worrying about how to get ready for the Political Science CUET, read this article, which will lead you through a methodical preparation strategy that will improve and streamline your preparations.


The timetable that suits you the best:

You cannot ensure that you will never miss a deadline unless you have effective time management skills. Time management is one of the core competencies that each candidate hopes to possess. Being disciplined and on time are essential for this. Only if you follow your schedule can you manage it effectively. Attempt should arrange your time so that you can complete each subject on time and still have time for extra practice and review. It is important to always consider one's own advantages and disadvantages when making a schedule. It is imperative that you prioritize this on your schedule.

Knowledge of the syllabus and exam format:

 Exam preparation begins with a thorough study of the syllabus and adherence to the exam format. This will assist you in comprehending the topics covered in the syllabus as well as the relative significance of each unit. Exams always benefit from a thorough understanding of the syllabus and format, which can also help you execute your plan more successfully. Once you have the information you need at your fingertips, scheduling your preparations can be done with ease.

Rehearse and polish (mock exam):

Because it double-checks and ensures you don't miss anything on the syllabus, revision is crucial. Continuous self-improvement is the aim of practice. It is equally crucial to revise as it is to take the practice test. You're going to be tested and given practice tests to help you improve your exam readiness. This will also give you some insight into how to organize your time on exam day. The most effective way to replicate an exam setting before it occurs is to take a mock test. This makes it crucial.

Relax and take care of yourself:

This is the most important thing to remember during the days leading up to the event. Getting adequate sleep and eating are just as important as everything else you do. To focus on preparation in an appropriate manner, one must be in good physical and mental health. Your body and mind should work together to help you stay focused and goal-oriented. Take a moment to relax with your favorite pastimes. It's important to make sure you don't overwork yourself.

Everyone knows that there will be fierce competition on the centralized CUET exam. Despite the intense competition, what matters is that it gives everyone a fair and equal opportunity to be accepted into a renowned college or university. Consequently, it is essential that, before starting your preparations, you make a suitable plan and get all the assistance you require. By doing this, you'll also save a ton of time and effort. If you want to grow and succeed, you have to create the ideal path, and this article should help you do just that. So, don't put off starting your journey and staying up to date with your peers any longer.


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